World Quantum Day, dark sector - World Quantum Day is April 14th, and as such I’d like to post this idea. Dark energy and dark matter – the entire dark sector – is composed of ‘quantum mechanics’. This is pretty far out, but it is World Quantum Day! Further details/assumptions. Expanded… QM is de Broglie/Bohm A popular enough opinion, but in […]
Carlip on Quantizing Gravity - Here is my poster abstract:
Open minds wanted. Not found. - Have to say a bit shaken by the attitude towards alternative viewpoints, (and Penrose!) in the audience. See 2m45s. @Perimeter? This opinion video has a few short excerpts from an excellent video on gravitational entanglement given at the Perimeter Institute on Sept 21, 2022. See for the entire video. The most interesting bit is […]
London QISS poster - I presented this poster:
Bohmian trajectory quantum gravity – as seen on AI - It’s my quantum gravity theory. So simple even an experimentalist can understand it. See more here: Bohmian trajectory quantum gravity, or here, or here Today I asked AI Dream Studio – about it, here is it’s interpretation. Pretty nice. I actually think it captures some elements of the theory.
John W Bush – hydrodynamic quantum field theory - John discusses how gravitational waves might be the mechanism for pilot wave mechanics.
Black hole mergers show GR is finite - While the physics media, popular opinion and generally accepted lecturers says things like 'GR is wrong because singularities', the physical and theoretical facts suggest very strongly the opposite.
Tom’s Dark sector model - This is obviously straight from the hip, although I have been thinking about it for a while. ΛCDM (Lambda cold dark matter) or Lambda-CDM has a lot of problems, but MOND does too. See for example Hossenfelders latest video So my admittedly personal view is that matter cannot exist on its own. One hydrogen molecule […]
APS 2021 – video – Entanglement from Classical Gravity - I presented at the APS 2021 2021 The recent experimental proposals by Bose et al. and Marletto et al. (BMV) outline a way to test for the quantum nature of gravity by measuring the gravitationally induced differential phase accumulation over the superposed paths of two ∼10^-14kg masses.  This work predicts the outcome of the BMV […]
Einstein’s Ether – faster than light? - Faster than light – but not with spaceships, particles, or transverse wave signals may be possible if spacetime is similar to a slightly viscous fluid. Pressure waves in general relativity may move faster than light. There have been a few papers written over the years modelling Einstein’s ether as an elastic solid. I have been […]
Consider Only General Relativity - Every old style, Newtonian theory in modern physics – which is all of them except General Relativity, do not fit well with GR itself. This is curious, as for instance the Dirac equation, the Standard Model, QM, QFT all work well with each other (hence the Standard Model). In an attempt to unify everything else […]
Quantum statistics in Bohmian trajectory gravity - T C Andersen 2019 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1275 012038 – 9th International Workshop DICE2018 : Spacetime – Matter – Quantum Mechanics Abstract. The recent experimental proposals by Bose et al. and Marletto et al. (BMV) outline a way to test for the quantum nature of gravity by measuring gravitationally induced differential phase accumulation over the superposed paths of […]
GR22 – Valencia – Poster - 22nd International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation I am attending GR22 in Valencia Spain, to present a poster and also take part in the talks. I will be presenting a poster based on this paper (soon to be published) from a talk I gave at DICE2018. What the paper and poster argue is that […]
The Structure of Spacetime - as revealed by J.S. Bell and experimental results. Consider the following facts. The experimental record shows that the Lorentz transformations and special and general relativity all work remarkably well, from galaxies and indeed the structure of the Universe on down to scales probed by CERN.  Locality is demonstrated in virtually all experiments conducted to date. […]
Gravitation finally meets Quantum Mechanics in experiments - I think that the biggest news in a while in quantum mechanics is newly forming ability of experimenters to do quantum experiments with gravity. A fine example of an experiment already done is Phase Shift in an Atom Interferometer due to Spacetime Curvature across its Wave Function by Asenbaum et al. They conclude: Therefore, the phase shift […]
Stochastic Gravity and Ontological Quantum Mechanics - This is a paper version of the poster I presented at EmQM17 in London. Abstract: Some physicists surmise that gravity lies outside of quantum mechanics. Thus theories like the standard semiclassical theory of quantum to gravity coupling (that of Rosenfeld and Møller) are possible real models of interaction, rather than a mere approximation of a […]
Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter and Dark Energy - I have made a simple calculator to calculate the flux in watts per square metre of gravitational waves given a frequency and a strain. The idea is to show how easy it would be to hide cosmologically important amounts of energy in high frequency gravitational waves. If we take values of a strain of 15 […]
Yet another Tully-Fisher dark matter explanation - The problem with dark matter in galaxies is that it’s just too organized. Dark matter seems to correlate too well with matter distributions. What about a field associated with every nucleon that saturates at some level, called S here. (its saturated near dense matter like here on Earth or in the Milky Way plane, while […]
Another mechanism for the Baryonic Tully–Fisher Relation - The Tully-Fisher relation (aka Baryonic TFR) is remarkable. As the diagram below shows, the relationship between Vf and the baryonic mass of galaxies is just too finely tuned to be caused by dark matter. Something is up. Vf is the stellar orbit velocity in the galactic halo. For more details see the paper by Lelli, McGaugh and […]
EmQM 2017 Conference - I’m headed to London for the EmQM 2017 conference Oct 26 – 28 2017, which will I am looking forward to. I attended in 2015. The event has the byline – the 4th International Symposium about Quantum Mechanics based on a »Deeper Level Theory«. Its mission this year is Towards Ontology of Quantum Mechanics and the Conscious […]
GR = QM – Susskind & I agree :) - So Leonard Susskind publishes a paper on arXiv Dear Qubitzers, GR=QM Which of course is what I have been saying all along. Of course Susskind’s paper is actually ‘of course’ not about QM emerging from GR, which is what I believe, and have good reason to follow up on. Instead Susskind says: Dear Qubitzers, GR=QM? […]
Adam Helfer – Black hole evaporation? – the trans-Planckian problem - I have been reading up on the trans-Planckian problem with the black hole evaporation process. (See the end for an update in March 2018) Here is the problem. An observer far away from a black hole sees photons of normal infared or radio wave energies coming from a black hole (i.e. << 1eV). If one […]
Re Backreaction : How the huge energy of quantum vacuum gravitates to drive the slow accelerating expansion of the Universe - Qingdi Wang, Zhen Zhu, and William G. Unruh How the huge energy of quantum vacuum gravitates to drive the slow accelerating expansion of the Universe It (I will call the paper WZU) has been discussed at several places:, Sabine Hossenfelder at the Backreaction blog, Reddit , Lubos, Popular Press, more, more, So why talk about it more […]
Fully Classical Quantum Gravity – paper - Emergent quantum mechanics comes in many forms: stochastic electrodynamics ( Ana María Cetto) , de Broglie – Bohmian mechanics (John W M Bush) , thermal models ( Gerhard Groessing ) etc. In many of these forms of emergent quantum mechanics, particles have a physical existence and experience sub quantal movement. The paper I have just […]
A Kerr Connection to the Electric Constant - In this two page paper, I look at how the relationship between the dimensions of a Kerr singularity and the strength of the electric Coulomb effect compare.
Is Dark Matter merely Inactive Matter? - Dark Matter – cuspy core problem. Proposed solution is that dark matter wakes up, turns into matter and then self repels/forms stars, etc.This means no cusp is found. Note how in the most tenuous gas clouds (well cold ones – the hot tenuous galactic halo does not count as its a supernova effect), the density […]
General Relativity with Cosmic Censorship Violation is Quantum Mechanics - Read the following with the these two thoughts in your head first: a) Quantum Mechanics emerges from General Relativity. b) The Cosmic Censorship Conjecture is wrong. Since the physical behavior of singularities is unknown, if singularities can be observed from the rest of spacetime, causality may break down, and physics may lose its predictive power. The issue cannot […]
Emergent Physics – the proton - Abstract A proton model is presented where a mechanism for charge, electromagnetic and quantum effects are generated from pilot wave phenomena. The pilot waves are constructed from nothing more than gravitational effects. First a simple model of a proton is discussed. The physical consequences of such a model are explored, showing that this model can generate large […]
Physics is broken. Worse than we think. - A couple of months ago I read Jim Baggot’s Farwell to Reality. I was very impressed. I won’t go into details, but the book takes the eminently reasonable suggestion that 11 dimensions, uncountable infinities of universes and other mainstream theoretical physics subjects are “fairy tale physics”.  Physics really needs people like Jim Baggot,  Peter Woit, and […]
GW150914 – Enormous Gravitational Wave Energy - Eureka! The Ligo measurement is the greatest thing to happen in Physics and Astronomy for decades. Amazing work. It was about 50 years ago that the first gravitational wave detector was built by Weber. It took 50 years of refinement, many PhDs postdocs and full careers, but the LIGO team did. it. Observation of Gravitational Waves […]
Can a sub-quantum medium be provided by General Relativity? - Can a sub-quantum medium be provided by General Relativity? Thomas C Andersen, PhD As a personal note of celebration, Art McDonald, the director of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory has won the Nobel Prize in Physics. I worked on SNO for 8 years for my masters and PhD. The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory also shared the Breakthrough […]
Published papers (pre 2010) - For my Masters and PhD I worked on the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, where I worked on the water purification team and also the computer simulation of the detector. It was a great time and I learned a lot from my Supervisor John Simpson at the University of Guelph in Canada. The papers below are SNO collaboration […]
Removing the Speed of Light as a postulate - The Speed of Light The speed of light limit is at this point a postulate of physics, which is necessary as: Electromagnetic Radiation travels at c. Maximum speed of particles is c. (Lorentz equation). Relativistic QM – depends on c as a postulate. Strong force. more… These are in the Standard Model disparate fields and laws. […]
Couder’s memory effect – could it be real? - Yves Couder’s (and others) experiments with small (in the human sense) and absolutely huge (in the quantum sense)  silicon oil droplets and baths have proven to be a wonderful analog for quantum mechanics. There are many researchers who think that these experiments show something much more – they hint at what the microscopic quantum world […]
Einsteins Aether as the Inviscid Fluid for Brady’s Sonons? - The Aether Einstein: We may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an aether. According to the general theory of relativity space without aether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also […]
Hawking and Ellis, in The LargeScale Structure of Space-Time (Cambridge 1973) Cosmic serendipity – not censorship - Cosmic Censorship: Weak or strong, the cosmic censorship conjecture states that naked singularities can’t be seen, otherwise everything will break down, it would be really bad and worst of all theorists would be confused. But it turns out that singularities very likely don’t actually exist in a real universe governed by GR. Any lumpy, non symmetric […]
An Electron model from Gravitational Pilot Waves - Abstract An electron model is presented where charge, electromagnetic and quantum effects are generated from pilot wave phenomena. The pilot waves are constructed from nothing more than gravitational effects. First the general model of the electron is proposed. Then the physical consequences are laid out, showing that this model can generate large electron – electron […]
QM from waves – pilot waves. - I start with a screen grab from the video below. Yves Couder and friends are clearly looking at hidden variable theories: Here is a 3 minute movie with the above slide: The pilot-wave dynamics of walking droplets Here is a paper about eigenstates, etc… Self-organization into quantized eigenstates of a classical wave driven particle  (Stéphane Perrard1, Matthieu […]
Constructing a Geometrical Dipole - Can’t be done, it would seem, since gravity is spin 2. Well, electromagnetism is spin 1, but we have tech gadgets and a billion transistors on one chip. So can one construct a machine that behaves like a dipole? Take a canonical dipole. Two radio antennas, both vertical, one transmitting, the other receiving. The question […]
Is the strong force ‘just’ electrostatics? - I read this paper today like a breath of air. What if the electron is not a single negative charge, but rather an onion like arrangement of charge, with an excess of 1 unit negative? Same for the neutron and proton (instead of 1/3 charged quarks). Have a look at the image on the right. […]
What is Quantum Mechanics - How is that even a question? Previous posts have all not mentioned quantum effects at all. That’s the point – we are building physics from General Relativity, so QM must be a consequence of the theory, right? Here are some thoughts: QM seems to not like even special relativity much at all. It is a […]
Lessons from the Woodward effect - Re: Now I’m not sure that he is onto something real or not, although experiments are still being performed which detail positive results. He does have some pretty convincing arguments about what happens to an object with a varying mass: Let us suppose that, viewed in our inertial frame of reference moving with respect to […]
The gravitational electron - I will show with a few simple equations how it could be that electrons and electromagnetic theory can be constructed from GR alone. 1) The electron is some sort of GR knot, wormhole or other ‘thing’, which has one property – its mass is moving from 0 to 2*me in a wave pattern. Well actually, […]
All physical theories are wrong. Where will Quantum Mechanics fail? - History has showed us that all physical theories eventually fail. The failure is always a complete failure in terms of some abstract perfectionist viewpoint, but in reality, the failure only amounts to small corrections. Take for instance gravity. Newton’s theory is absurd – gravity travels instantly, etc. But it is also simple and powerful, it […]
So what are electrons, really? - According to the accepted theories of physics, this question is not in good taste. An electron is described by charge, mass, and a few other parameters. But there are no ‘whys’. Why do electrons have a charge of 1? or a mass of 0.511 MeV? No one knows. Most physicists will not think or worry […]