John W Bush – hydrodynamic quantum field theory

September 6, 2021 — 1 Comment

John Bush has been working on de Broglie / Bohm like theories for years, and is making great headway. In the full video you can learn what John and his team and others have been working on. Yves Couder was one of his sparks. John has taken the experiments by Couder and created a solid mathematical foundation for them.

I include here my favourite part: John discusses how gravitational waves might be the mechanism for pilot wave mechanics.

The entire video can be seen at youtube

I hope I’m not the one bombarding him with emails!

One response to John W Bush – hydrodynamic quantum field theory


    A. Feoli also wrote a paper linking a wave of the double solution to a gravitational wave(in a linear filed approximation). It’s also interesting to remember, that GR has 2 degrees of freedom if boundary conditions are included.

    “A geometric interpretation of de Broglie wave-particle model”
    “We present a solution of the linearized field equations of Einstein General Relativity that can be interpreted as a model of a de Broglie quantum object formed by a wave and a particle. In the absence of external fields the particle travels at a constant velocity with its energy density localized in a spacetime region of the order of its Compton wavelength. The de Broglie wave packet, moving with the particle, acquires a clear geometric meaning being interpreted as a special kind of gravitational wave.”

    The paper:

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