One aether theory and a way to test for it using EPR

July 16, 2015 — Leave a comment

EPR effects have been shown in the lab to agree with QM to a high degree – even when the events are space like separated.

But what if the ‘instant – non communication’ – the wave collapse – happens instantly only in the preferred rest frame of the Universe (the one we are going through at about 670km/sec)

Then experiments like Aspects would show agreement with QM, but a much more finely tuned experiment might get some sort of non QM effect happening if the two measurements are done such that in the hypothesized rest frame B is before A.

So instead of merely looking for B to be outside the light cone of A, we look for the EPR collapse effect to continue (or not) by looking at the rest frame of the universe.

Perhaps even reanalysing the data from some EPR experiments that have already been done might show something!

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